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For the next 3 months, we'll guide you through the fundamentals of Web Development by helping you build your 4 real world projects shown below.

The best way of becoming a great developer is by practising. Our Project Library teaches you the most important concepts while you're building full applications.

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"Doing the introductory Rails course actually helped me understand the core concepts of web development and the way you organize the project development makes it feel so real..! You cover everything and I'm truly grateful for the product you put out!!"
Zach Bruno
North Carolina
"I have been through many online courses on Ruby on Rails and it was frustrating encountering outdated gems and tutors not committed to help students. I love Codeplace because it's the latest course and offers insane commitment."
Lily Bahari
Kuala Lumpur
"Managed to go through the first project in a short weekend. By the time I finished I rushed to tell my girlfriend what I had accomplished! This is by far the best way of practically learning web development."
Matt Holmes
San Francisco
"I have utmost faith in the team of Tutors at Codeplace who guide and mentor me remotely, constantly and continuously. I highly recommend Codeplace to newbies who want to develop awesome web applications.""
Shyaam Deshmukh

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